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About us

We are a start-up driven by a changemaker spirit that aims at bringing smallholder farmers and end-consumers back at the center of the value chains.


Convinced by the lack of sustainability of certain practices, our team is highly committed to positively impacting the Ghanaian agribusiness sector by simultaneously adding social, economic and environmental value to agricultural supply chains.

Our Eco-System

Filling the gaps of the agricultural supply chains


Our vision

We aim to become a key player in Ghana’s agricultural sector and beyond by offering a comprehensive ecosystem of services and products that are environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

Our core values

Our values are based on a unique corporate culture founded upon Team spirit, Exigency, Integrity, Accountability and Transparency.

Our team

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Mohammed KALEEM

Financial & Business Advisory Lead

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Ebenezer Sakyi ODURO

Sourcing Manager

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C. Akodam KARBO

Administrative Manager

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Production & Quality Officer

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Ronald Osei Tutu AMANKWA

Marketing Officer

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Ebenezer Nanor OPATA


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George Aryeetey ARYEE


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Most farmers in Ghana live below the poverty line.

The limited access to markets of Ghanaian farmers hinders intercropping and diversified production. Consequently, they opt for mono-production, which makes them non-resilient to external shocks such as climate change or price fluctuations. Besides this, the adoption of bad agricultural practices results in low yields and produce quality.

We want to bring change through our “Farmer Resilience Package” which is designed to build the capacity of our network of farmers, provide them with technical and financial support as well as a guaranteed market access all year round.

Fresh, organic and traceable products

Akwaaba to our market! Take a walk through our variety of products and offers!


Organic verification and certification


All So-B-Green products go through a third party organic verification process.

Our goal is to guarantee to our customers that all our products are genuinely organic. Currently, our So-B-Packs are under the European Union Organic Label certification; our So-B-Nuts and our So-B-Honey are under the IFOAM PGS verification.


Agro Eco Louis Bolk Institute PGS-IFOAM smart-cert





Sales points of our partners

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So-B-Green Ambassadors

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Organic markets and workshops

Find us in organic markets around Ghana.

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Do you want to rethink your business model towards outgrowers?

Are you interested in adding social or environmental value to your business activity?

Do you need to strenghthen your market share to source products?

So-B-Green invests into Research and Development in agriculture to provide to our partners and clients innovative ideas and solutions.

Do not hesitate anymore and contact us! Our team of financial auditors and agricultural specialists will serve your business' needs.

Our environmental


Climate change mitigation: carbon sequestration

When you buy from So-B-Green, you to contribute to the reforestation of degraded forests in Ghana.

Desertification of the transitional zone in the Brong Ahafo Region is advancing rapidly. So-B-Green contributes at its level to mitigate climate change in planting trees to stop the desertification.

To understand the CO2 sequestration and the absolute need of planting trees, please check this video.


Buy 1 So-B-Pack

1 tree will be planted

Buy 20 So-B-Nuts

1 tree will be planted

Ecosystem resilience: biodiversity preservation

Our organic production protects each ecosystem in place (from micro-organism in the soil to butterflies, bees and other good insects, parasites etc.).

We forbid the use of agro-chemicals by supporting a farming method which takes into account nature and its biodiversity to produce more and better.

Our social impact

Supporting farmers to leave out of poverty

Our approach guarantees a decent living income for our farmers. We use an annual fixed price system that protects farmers from price fluctuation. A monthly income allows the farmers to become bankable and access financial services.

Our goal is to help the farmers to move from 1$ / day to a guaranteed 4$ / day as a minimum living income.

This relies on a commitment to buy


of all their production all year round
Contributing to the development of the local economy

We promote and sell handcraft products made in Ghana by local artisans.

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